While providing high-quality clean energy and professional services, Concord New Energy Group continues to engage communities in environmental protection, actively adopt environmental protection measures, fulfill social responsibility and achieve sustainable development together with society.


Clean energy development is the key to realizing China's carbon neutral goal. Concord New Energy Group is deeply committed to the clean energy sector, seizes the opportunity of China's peak emissions and carbon neutral goal, and actively explores businesses related to the renewable energy industry chain to help China improve its energy consumption structure and achieve carbon neutrality. In the whole life cycle of the development, construction and operation of clean energy, the Group improves the standards of environmental protection measures and philosophy by optimizing design, improving techniques and technologies, adopting intelligent operations, and carrying out education and training, to ensure the supply of clean energy without compromising the ecological system, as well as to protect lucid waters and lush mountains.

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Concord New Energy Group pays high attention to ecological protection and insists that environment and development go hand-in-hand; the Group strictly complies with relevant laws and regulations on ecological protection and formulates a whole-process management system for ecological protection to clarify management main bodies and responsibilities, ensuring the implementation of environmental protection measures and sustainable development.

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While focusing on developing clean energy, Concord New Energy Group continues to give back to society. The Group actively responds to the national policy of poverty alleviation by investing in new energy industries and local infrastructure projects, creating job opportunities for the locals, promoting public utilities and economic growth, and contributing to rural revitalization. To fulfill its social responsibility, the Group also actively responds to the national policy of targeted poverty alleviation by accurately identifying people living below the poverty line and supporting them according to the environment of different poverty-stricken areas and the conditions of different rural poor households, while taking into account the characteristics of the Group's own business.

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