POWER+ Boosts New Energy to Meet the New Period of Fair Price Networking


From October 17 to 19, 2018Beijing International Wind Power Conference and Exhibition (CWP2018) was held in the New China International Exhibition Center. The intelligent energy services solution of Concord New Energy Group showed at the exhibition which is aimed at providing integrated services such as design consultation on wind power, photovoltaic, and energy storage project, EPC, finance lease, POWER+ Intelligent Operation and Maintenance to customers.

The intelligent operation and maintenance of POWER + is a self-developed energy internet cloud platform for wind farms and photovoltaic power stations, which is Beijing Power Concord Technology Co., Ltd., owned to Concord New Energy group, to rely on over ten years’ professional experience accumulation of the group's new energy investment development and operation and maintenance and installed capacity of 3 million kilowatts new energy station. The POWER+ combines organically online monitoring and offline operation and maintenance, successfully increasing the power generation capacity of the power station and effectively solving difficulties of power station in asset management and operation and maintenance management. With the advent of the period of new energy getting rid of financial subsidies and realizing fair price networking, improving operation efficiency of power station is the key to ensure investment return, the POWER+ is precisely following the development trend of this industry. Up to September 2018, the POWER+ cumulative installed capacity of the new energy power station is more than 5 million kilowatts, which covers centralized wind farms, centralized photovoltaic power stations, distributed photovoltaic power stations and decentralized wind power projects.

At the exhibition, the POWER+ exhibition booth attracted much attention, gave a reception of industry colleagues from different fields and different industries, including investors, complete machine manufacturers, accessories manufacturers, service providers, institutions of higher learning and scientific research institutions, we went deep into how to effectively develop the service mode of the wind farm market in the new era and new situation, and how wind farm can improve efficiency and increase benefit in operation and maintenance and asset management by driven by big data and AI technology.

In the conference, Concord New Energy group also held three professional sharing sessions entitled” Continuous optimization exploration of whole process assessment in specific site wind farm”, Intelligent operation and management of wind power assets based on data driven” and “Fan early warning and health assessment based on mechanism and machine learning”, which are warmly welcomed and responded by visitors.

On the last day of the exhibition, more than 100 pupils came to the exhibition platform, the group popularized the knowledge of wind power and advocated “green life starts from me” to children.
As the year world's largest and most influential professional exhibition of wind energy, CWP2018 brings together the world's wind power complete machine companies and top accessories manufacturers, among which Concord New Energy group is one of the few exhibitors of the intelligent energy services solution, has the strength and confidence to rely on professional technical capabilities and reliable integrated services, under the big background of China's energy revolution, Concord New Energy Group will boosts the new energy industry to a broader future.