Concord O&M, a Wholly-owned Subsidiary of CNE, Passed the Competency Assessment on PV Power Generation

Recently, Beijing Century Concord Operation and Maintenance Co. Ltd. (Concord O&M), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Concord New Energy Group Limited (CNE), has successfully passed the competency assessment on PV power generation by China General Certification Center. It has become the second PV power generation O&M company that passed the assessment.

Concord O&M is the only integrated company with operation, maintenance, inspection, repairing and asset management in wind and solar power sector in China. It is mainly engaged in business of technical consulting service and O&M on wind plant, power plant, and solar power station, as well as repairing and hoisting of large-size components, scheduled maintenance of fan, technical modification project and so on.

The company has passed the O&M competency assessment on wind power plant and PV power generation this year, which stabilizes its leading position in O&M market of new energy, improves O&M service capacity, optimizing the distribution, optimizes market distribution, raises brand prestige and reputation. These contribute to strengthen the comprehensive competitive power.