CNE Issued “Power + Cloud Platform”, Making Another Step on for Smart Energy Layouts

On February 24, Concord New Energy Group Limited held a product conference in Beijing, officially released “Power + cloud platform” (hereinafter referred to as “Power +”).

China Wind Energy Association Secretary General Mr. Qin Haiyan, Microsoft Greater China CTO, Mr. Xu Mingqiang, Deputy Chief Engineer of China Longyuan Power Group Corporation Limited, Mr. Lu Yichuan, Associate Professor of Department of Computer and Energy Engineering, University of Colorado, USA, Mr. Shang Li, and Internet Director of Concord New Energy Group, Mr. Kang Dahai all gathered in roundtable forum to explore the “new energy operation and maintenance in the era of artificial intelligence”.

"Power +" Cloud Platform Landing

“Power +” is an open cloud platform, which is based on the public cloud PaaS (Platform as a Service) architecture, providing end-to-end intelligent energy solutions. Specifically, “Power +” takes the Internet as a medium, which connects all equipment assets at one end, and the other end is connected to all the operation and maintenance engineers, to form IOT between equipment and people to access to complete and accurate information of assets (equipment and people). Utilizing big data and artificial intelligence algorithms to gain real-time insight into asset operations and generate optimization strategies to predict and diagnose problems before equipment downtime. The running process of “Power +” can be summarized with three keywords of “connection”, insight” and “optimization”.

At the press conference Internet Director of Concord New Energy Group Limited, Mr. Kang Dahai said that “Power +” can take into account the three elements of reliability, performance and cost, to create a more optimized operation and maintenance strategies, and perform application repair to reduce unnecessary losses caused by downtime, improve equipment efficiency. In addition, it can help optimize the subsequent power plant design through analyzing the operation of the plant assets being operated. Data showed that the “Power +” cloud platform operation and maintenance module in the test phase of a 40MW PV project operation and maintenance applications showed the power generation increased by 2.58% in the case of light resources decreased by 13.8%. “Power +” is planned to promote its application system on a large scale in the wind power and solar energy projects beyond 3,000MW that Concord Cooperative Operation & Maintenance is responsible for.

Experts said that the “Power +” solved the interconnection and interworking of assets (equipment and people), improved asset utilization and operational efficiency, reduced construction and operation and maintenance costs, and provided reliable data support and solutions for power plant location and power plant resource allocation, and achieved new energy IOT. “Power +” introduced artificial intelligence into the field of operation and maintenance of power plants for the first time, to make energy more intelligent.

Taking a Lead in the Era of Intelligent Energy Interconnection

"Power+" cloud platform is researched and developed by Beijing Power Concord Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to "Power Concord") which is responsible for Internet of energy under Concord New Energy. Beijing Concord Cooperative Operation & Maintenance Wind Power Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Concord O&M"), the parent company of Power Concord, has operational experience of more than 10 years, and now operates and maintains more than 56 O&M wind power and solar power plants, which are key domestic wind power and solar power O&M enterprises.

The assistance of powerful group resources and many years of management experience have provided rich underlying data for Power Concord to develop Power+ cloud platform. From a policy perspective, however, the emergence of the "Power+" cloud platform is at the right time. On September 26, 2015, President Xi Jinping made an important speech at the UN Development Summit, he proposed to explore the building a global Internet of energy and to meet global electricity demands in a clean and green manner. On February 22, 2017, White Paper on Global Energy Internet Development Strategy was released by the Global Energy Internet Development Cooperation Organization in Beijing, of which, it said that the focus of the development of power grid is to enlarge the coverage of power network, improve the interconnection level, ensure safe and reliable operation, adapt to all kinds of centralized and distributed power supply access and elimination, and realize the large-scale optimal allocation of energy resources to meet the demand of intelligent electricity.

Insiders believe that the decentration, intelligent, instrumented and other attributes of the "Power+" cloud platform have filled in the blank of data real-time update uploading in the existing new energy industry, and increased energy interconnection properties.

Market analysts predict that a 100-billion-yuan market will be brought in after introducing "intelligence, self-learning and evolution" these life characteristics of "Internet of energy" to the market.

In the future, Concord New Energy will optimize the new energy operation and maintenance based on the Power+ cloud platform, and continue to conduct in-depth layout in the intelligent energy field, taking a lead in the era of intellectual energy interconnection