CNE won the “2016 Best Investment Value Award for Listed Companies”

Concord New Energy won the “2016 Best Investment Value Award for Listed Companies” on the BIVA award ceremony (Best Investment Value Award for Listed Companies 2016 called BIVA for short) held at Hong Kong JW Marriott Hotel on December 12, and its investment director Mr. Zhou Xiaole came to accept such award representing the company. Wining of this award showed the capital market’s recognition to investment value of the group.

BIVA is an award jointly established by many financial service agents of Hong Kong which set up operations at Hong Kong, Singapore, Beijing, Shanghai and other main financial centers in Asia. Since its first organization in 2013, now it is the fourth ceremony. This award is to honor the listed companies to improve their compliance level, and encourage the listed companies to win the favor of more potential investors by virtue of various compliance means and tools and with professional financial services, and finally achieve the goal of market value improvement. The award takes 10 billion Hong Kong dollars, 10 billion to 30 billion Hong Kong dollars and 30 billion market value as the evaluation dividing line in this year. Being selected as the wining listed company of BIVA represents that the company has met the inclusion criteria set by the organizer in aspect of dividends or return on investment, degree of activity of stock and investment potential.