Concord New Energy Group adheres to the core value of putting people first, respecting and protecting the legitimate rights and interest of employees, paying high attention to the health and safety of employees, offering humanistic care to employees, so as to improve their sense of identification with the Group and belongingness, and create a caring and comfortable work environment.


Concord New Energy Group respects the talents and strictly protects the legitimate rights and interests of its employees. The Group insists on building a fair and just working platform for its employees, providing equal and diversified employment opportunities and inclusive working environment, establishing a training system covering all employees, and opposing all forms of discrimination and bullying. Concerning about employee health and safety, the Group formulates occupational health and safety management regulations in accordance with relevant laws, regulations, and industry standards, and conducts occupational health and safety education and training to safeguard health and safety of employees. The Group rigorously follows relevant laws and regulations on labor employment, and prohibits child labor and forced labor.

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The Group encourages a positive attitude at work and in life, pays close attention to occupational health and safety, and supports employees’ career advancement. A variety of corporate events are organized, including the annual company party, sports clubs, brisk walking, spring outing and sports day, to promote employee communication, enhance the sense of belonging, increase employee happiness and productivity, and build team cohesion.

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